Welcome to the MSMEs Registration Portal!

This platform is created as a channel to provide support for all Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Edo State.

In a bid to create an enabling environment for smooth running of businesses in Edo state, The State Government has put in place, offices and programs that should aid the business owners in their businesses.

We would love to take your vision to reality. Here's how we work:


Applicants are required to complete the Registration Form, which would enable the Government to create a database of all SME owners in the state.

After registrations are complete we would work with business owners to design and execute innovative, data-driven cross-channel strategies that will create real results.


The State Government would create the necessary network between businesses and new opportunities to promote growth through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Whether it be capacity building, staff training or business analysis to prevent or solve existing complications regardless if they are internal or external, we are there for you.


This ideology is borne out of the Post Covid-19 business sustenance measures, targeted at keeping the businesses secured and growing with the State’s GDP and the economy of the country at large.

The State Government is committed to seeing Small Medium Enterprises thrive and they are willing to give all the support needed.

Training Opportunities

Are you an MSME owner? Apply now to any of our trainings to gain the necessary skills you need to take your business to the next level!